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The G3 offers a high-speed, digital distributed solution allowing star or in-line topology, reducing the length of cable runs and pneumatic connections required and helping to lower costs and improve performance. It also provides a wide range of I/O capabilities, including analog, digital (on/off) and temperature. This helps to make purchasing and engineering simpler as all options can be taken care of with a single device family. ASCO Numatics Graphic display for G3 electronic platform

G3 Features

Innovative Graphic display
 used for easy configuration
  Auto Recovery Module
 protects information during a critical failure
  Clip Design
removal & replacement without dismantling manifold
  Connector technology
allows for fast and efficient ½ turn I/O connector insertion  
 Graphic display for configuration and diagnostics
  Auto Recovery Module    Highly distributable
  Robust and easy connections

The G3 also comes with a large range of communications options, including:


Modbus TCP
CC-Link IE


EtherNet/IP™ DLR


The G3 Series product line is a completely modular system that uses an innovative clip design, allowing easy module removal and replacement without dismantling the whole manifold. It has a unique graphic display that supports plain-language messaging of diagnostic information at both the module and communication mode level. The display helps to provide clear feedback when commissioning valves, allowing you to speed up the commissioning process and shorten your critical path. Plus, faults are easier to diagnose, meaning you can get up and running again much quicker. 
ASCO Numatics valve islands are offered with the industry`s widest variety of fieldbus protocols and for hazardous and non-hazardous areas, including ATEX zone 2-22. For more information on our ATEX valve islands, please click here.

For more information about the G3 electronics, please go to the G3 series page.
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