We understand the importance to you and your business of keeping processes running smoothly – and we know the challenges you face.

When you choose ASCO products, you’re also choosing the power of Emerson. We can offer complete actuator control, including predictive diagnostics via AMS software, to valve partial stroke testing and solenoid valve testing using Emerson digital valve controllers, providing safety measures that do not interrupt your process.

Discover our wide range of actuator control solutions and products:


Our high performance products

Besides high productivity, our solutions and products also come up with high performances. With our strong research and development heritage we are always pushing at the boundaries of what is possible. If you are looking for high flow rates, low power consumption or extremes of temperature the chances are that if we do not already have a product to suit we can develop one.

  • Our 327 series of direct operated solenoid valves offers the lowest power level of their type.
  • Our Actuator Control Systems were designed with a unique coupling system that does not restrict flow.
  • We offer valves with a power consumption as low as 7mW enabling you to choose the right balance between power consumption and flow rate.
  • Our stainless steel filter regulator 342 series offers an excellent flow rate in both high and low temperatures in a compact size.