Your design and engineering time is valuable. Let us help you make the most of it by enabling you to select from one supplier all the products you may need, backed up with the expertise you would expect from a global supplier like Emerson. Our globally certified products, broad product range and solution capabilities mean that you can work with just one supplier. From the most complex requirements of your existing systems, to meeting the requirements of strict safety directives, we can meet your unique application needs.


Production solutions for harsh environments

For harsh environment applications such as in the North Sea or in wash-down areas of food and beverage plants, we have products that will suit.


Global approvals

We support a wide range of key global approvals, including:


Mounting flexibility

How you mount and install our products is a choice that you make. Whether you want to use standard Namur interfaces, have a specially designed interface or manifold, mount the valve to the actuator with a bracket, mount the valve in the pneumatic line or mount it in a cabinet, we have products to suit.