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Proportional Solenoid Valves

ASCO has the most complete line of proportional solenoid valve products of any manufacturer

ASCO has emerged as a leader in proportional valve technology, with the most complete line of proportional Valve Products that provide fast response and consistent control of pressure and flow.

Many industrial applications such as web tensioning, ultrasonic welding, positioning, fluid coating, and laser cutting demand accurate control of pressure and flow. Companies worldwide rely on ASCO for these critical applications.

Some of the features our Proportional valves offer include:

  • Flow rates adjustable between 0% and 100% of rating
  • Flow rate can be regulated by a range of electrical inputs (sensors, transmitters, PLC, etc.) via an ASCO Electronic Control Unit or similar circuit
  • Suitable for use in air/gas, low vacuum service, as well as to precisely control flow of water

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