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Nuclear Solenoid Valves

ASCO offers a complete line of nuclear qualified products

​​​The trusted choice for nuclear power

ASCO is the global leader in nuclear-qualified solenoid valves for nuclear power plants. The ASCO heritage of leadership in this field began with the nuclear industry’s inception. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), architect engineers, project managers, and utility engineers rely on us for all their nuclear power projects — from grassroots construction to life extension to modernisation and power uprates.

Our nuclear-qualified and critical-application solenoid valves, pressure and temperature switches, Hydramotor® actuators, and complete engineered valve solutions provide proven service in key safety and balance-of-plant applications, including the following:

• Emergency core cooling systems

• Emergency generator systems

• Steam generator feed water systems

• Containment sampling systems

• Auxiliary feed water systems

• Liquid radiation waste systems

• Turbine bypass systems


The most nuclear-qualified offering

ASCO products from our specialised nuclear line are specifically designed for environments with high radiation, temperature, and seismic requirements. Commercial, off-the-shelf offerings simply cannot compare for nuclear-critical applications.

Our products are also qualified to operate on demand during a design basis event (DBE), loss of coolant accident (LOCA), high-energy line break (HELB), or main steam line break (MSLB).

Moreover, ASCO products for key nuclear applications are manufactured with traceability. This greatly simplifies the task of providing information that regulators demand. Finally, these products are comprehensively qualified to meet requirements imposed under standards such as CNCC in China; RCC-E in France; IEEE in the U.S., Europe, and Asia; and JEAC in Japan.

ASCO also provides the same level of rigor and quality to non-safety nuclear valve solutions

Nuclear Valves Catalogues and Documentation

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