Solenoid Valve - Proportional - 2/2 - 3/2 - Series 068

Normally Closed, Normally Open - 2 Way: 2/2 - 3 Way: 3/2 Universal - G 1/8, 1/4-28UNF, Pad Mount, Hose Connection - PEEK - Aggressive Liquids and Gases
• Solenoid valves for use with neutral or    
   aggressive liquids and gases in
   analytical and medical systems
• Hermetic separation of control
   mechanism and fluid:
   - Prevents particulate contamination
      caused by friction of moving parts,
      assuring maximum purity of fluid
   - Ensures reliable operation in
      applications with highly
      aggressive fluids
• Reduced heat transfer between control
   mechanism and fluid
• Good self-draining capability and
   easy-to-flush internal cavity
• Low internal volume
• Specific flapper mechanism:
   no pump effect, no stick effect
• Electrical spade-plug or
   cable-end connection



Catalogue-Solenoid-Valves-AMT-Special-Solutions Asset Library/Catalogue-Solenoid-Valves-Special-Solutions-CAT-AMTGB.pdfCatalogue-Solenoid-Valves-AMT-Special-Solutions
Catalogue-Solenoid Valve-General Service-068-Flapper valve-Size 22 Asset Library/Solenoid Valves-2_3-3_2-General Service-068-CAT-01035GB.pdfCatalogue-Solenoid Valve-General Service-068-Flapper valve-Size 22
Catalogue-Solenoid Valve-General Service-068-Flapper valve-Size 16 Asset Library/Solenoid Valves-2_3-3_2-General Service-068-CAT-01044GB.pdfCatalogue-Solenoid Valve-General Service-068-Flapper valve-Size 16
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Brochures - Flapper Valves Series 068 Asset Library/Solenoid-Valve-2_2-3_2-Isolation-068-CAT-00001EN.pdfBrochures - Flapper Valves Series 068



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