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​​The ever-increasing demand for high quality, precision, productivity, ease of handling, user friendliness, service etc. calls for high standards from operating and manufacturing equipment and machines. High standards can only be achieved if physical variables (e.g. temperature, pressure, force, velocity, torque etc.) are precisely adjusted to the respective operating conditions, i.e. a continuous adjustment of these variables is the important factor.

There are many different designs and styles of proportional valves for different operating pressures and flow rates, with either electric or electro-pneumatic actuation. ​

The combination of electronics and mechanics in proportional valves offers ideal performance for many industrial applications.
​​Control Technology
In many machines and plants, the physical variables must reach a predetermined value independent of external influences. In order to do this proportional valves compare the current process condition with a pre-determined condition (Set point) and adjust the flow or pressure to ensure the set point is maintained. 

Pressure Control
Pressure control valves are used to control the pressure in the circuit downstream of the valve.  They can be used with inert gas and can control, pressures from vacuum up to 50 bar.  

We offer various solutions depending on the needs and requirements of your application. 
Discover our range of proportional pressure control valves here.
Flow Control
A flow control valve regulates the amount of fluid passing through the valve.  Fluid control valves normally respond to signals generated by independent devices such as flow meters or temperature gauges. With our proportional valves it is possible to handle a flow from 0,086 l/min up to 70000 l/min. Read more here to discover how this can work for your business.