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Discover our range of accessories suitable for pressure & flow control valves.

Control Device: Control D

The stand-alone control device CONTROLD is used for open-loop, closed-loop or double-loop (cascaded) process control. It is designed to control proportional valves by regulating the current in the valve‘s solenoid coil. The maximum value of the solenoid coil’s current is automatically determined with the autotune function.

Higher precision requirements can be met by controlling flow, temperature, pressure, force etc. using additional analog feedback inputs.

  • Easy change of control parameters
  • Digital control
  • Integrated display
  • AUTO-ADAPT button for automatic adaptation
  • Suitable for use with series 602 proportional valves

Control D  
Download the software:

Digital Control Unit for proportional solenoid valve


Converts analog input control signals to coil current of a proportional solenoid valve by means of pulse width modulation
• LED-Display integrated in the connector
• Adjustable UP/DOWN ramp control
• Output coil current independent of coil resistance (temperature) and supply voltage variations
Parameter setting via PC interface and programming adapter or, optionally, via the switches integrated in the connector

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Digital Control Unit

Analog I/O Module for Valve Islands for proportional valve control

This I/O module expands the functional range of valve islands equipped with G3 electronics. It allows the user to control analog proportional valves via the G3 electronics and a fieldbus and to benefit from the resulting advantages:
  • Elimination of analog output cards on the PLC
  • Reduced cabling
  • Diagnostics via fieldbus

I/O Analog module  


Adjustable Pressure Switch


  • With or without protection and status indicators 
  • G 1/4 or subbase mounted body

The adjustable pressure switch is suitable for use with pressure control valves only.

Adjustable Pressure Switch