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From the wellhead to the storage tank, ASCO has the deep technical expertise to deliver the reliable and flexible fluid automation solutions needed for success in today's volatile oil and gas markets. ASCO invented the first industrial solenoid valve, and has more than 100 years of experience in applying them to the most challenging applications.  The ASCO solenoid pilot valve is considered by many as a gold standard in gas shutoff applications.  Our low-temperature and corrosion-resistant solenoid valves are ideal for upstream operations in harsh and frigid conditions. Our unique low-power valves combine high performance and energy efficiency to an industry that operates in remote locations. ASCO has considerable expertise in Functional Safety, having the most third party-certified IEC 61508, SIL 3-capable solenoid valves, and our products meet all relevant requirements for hazardous locations. At ASCO, we understand the oil and gas business, and create solutions that set the standard in mission critical applications.

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Approvals & Certificates

ASCO is a global supplier to the Oil & Gas industry and has been qualified by supplier organisations including Achilles JQS (Norway and Denmark) and FPAL (UK).

By having these accreditations, it enables us to be an approved supplier to the oil and gas industry, and it assures buyers in this industry, that companies working in high risk and critical operations are sufficiently and independently accredited to industry specific standards.

Achilles JQS Certificate of Qualification
Achilles FPAL Certificate of Qualification
For all our other certificates and approvals, including ATEX and SIL, click here.

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