Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Many of the answers to the questions you have about ASCO can be found on our website. Please select from the categories below to view answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q: What is a configurator?
A: The product configurator is a tool that allows you to design  262/263 series 2/2 valves with the click of a mouse.  Since the logic only allows valid constructions to be designed, you won’t ever have to worry about designing a valve that can't be made.  Just click on the required and any optional attributes you need, select a part number that matches your requirements from the short list of configured items, and you’re done. You will be provided with real-time information such as Pricing, Availability, 3D CAD models, and Agency Approvals. You will also have the ability to Buy Now or Get a Quote as soon as you have finished designing the valve of your choice.

Q: I have selected all 7 required attributes and a part number table appears at the bottom of the screen. Now what should I do?
A: Once you have selected the 7 required attributes and part number table is visible, you can now filter further (e.g. on orifice size, flow, pressure rating) until you find the one that best matches your criteria.  Then click on the part number to view more information, such as 3D CAD models, drawings, and Agency Approvals.

Q: When I place my mouse over certain boxes, other boxes are grayed out. Why?
A: Certain choices are grayed out as you scroll over them, because the configurator logic is setup so that you can only design valid constructions.  If several selections are not compatible with each other, the configurator will inform you by graying them out.

Q: Under operation, Normally Open is grayed out and I can’t select it.  Are Normally Open constructions still available for this valve series?
A: The new Normally Open constructions for the 262H (8262H) and 263H (8263H) series are not currently available but will be available soon.  If you would like to view our existing Normally Open constructions for the 262G (8262G) and 263G (8263G) series, please visit the ASCO Product Selector.

Q: I selected several attributes such as Pipe Size, Body Material and Voltage, but nothing is happening. Why?
A: All 7 sections with a red asterisk (*) must be selected before an 262/263 product offering will be displayed.  Once all 7 are selected, a table will appear at the bottom of 
the screen with part numbers and specifications.  As you select attributes, the configurator tells you how many required attributes you’ve already selected.

Q: I currently buy 262/263 valves for cryogenic service, but I don’t see an option for this in the configurator.  Are other options such as cryogenic service still available for the 262/263 series?
A: Yes, 262/263 series valves are still available for special services such as Cryogenic, however, the new 262/263 H series is not currently available for Cryogenic service. 
View G series Cryogenic Service Valve information.

Q: Agency approvals such as UL and CSA are very important to me when purchasing a solenoid valve.  Is there any information about agency approvals in the configurator?
A: Yes, the 262/263 configurator has an Agency Approvals box located on the Details page.  In order to view the Details page, you must select all 7 required attributes and then click on the desired part number from the list that appears. The Agency Approvals box will have the appropriate UL and CSA files listed.

Q: How come I don’t see Pricing or Availability?
A: Pricing and Availability will both be visible once you select all 7 required attributes, which are marked with an asterisk (*).  You will then be able to sort by price and/or availability in the table.

Q: Where can I view product drawings or CAD models?
A: 3D CAD models and drawings can be viewed on the Details page.  In order to view the Details page, you must select all 7 required attributes and then click on the desired part number from the list that appears.

Q: The units of measure for pressure, flow and temperature are English, but what if I need to view Metric units?
A: You can change the units of measure by selecting either English or Metric at the top of the page.

Q: I just selected all of the attributes, but now I’d like to start over. Do I have to go back and unclick each attribute?
A: No, you can simply click on the Reset button, located directly above the Voltage box.  This will reset all of your selected options.

Q: Where can I find more information about certain Elastomers?
A: If you click on the Material Selection Guide link in the Elastomer box, you will be able to view a PDF which describes the temperature ranges and compatibility of each elastomer in the configurator. The temperature ranges in the guide represent the general material characteristics of the elastomer and not the temperature limit of the valve. Always reference the valve’s specification (product summary or details) for the valve’s actual temperature limits. Also, as you scroll over each elastomer, help text will appear in the Information Box. This help text is also available for other attributes such as Electrical Enclosures and Connections and Options.

Q: After I have selected all 7 required attributes, I see the part number table at the bottom of the screen but Reset is grayed out. What is this Reset for and why is it grayed out?
A: Once you have selected the 7 required attributes and the part number table is visible, you can either sort by the visible data in each column, or you can use the dropdown box to select a specific value. If you use the dropdown box and select a specific value, the Reset function will become active, and you can use it to reset the table to the previous view.

Q: I’m on the Valve Assembly Details page, but now I want to change some of my selections. How do I get back to the main page?
A: To return to the main page, simply click the Return button.
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