Products & Solutions

Cylinders & Actuators

Round, Compact / Short Stroke, ISO Standard, CNOMO, Rodless, Slide & More!

Count on ASCO for top-quality cylinders that fit the most demanding application requirements. Round or square, compact or large,  our cylinder selection is sure to meet your requirements for performance, footprint, cost, appearance, materials or standards.

We also offer a comprehensive range of linear and rotary actuators to meet wide-ranging specifications including rack and pinion-style rotary actuators.


AVENTICS Cylinders & Drives

AVENTICS cylinders and drives are robust and fit all application areas.


Round Cylinders

Expertly engineered, these cylinders have a robust design, that is more reliable than most non-repairable cylinders


Compact Cylinders

Designed to fit tight space requirements, the low profile design and variety make these cylinders extremely popular


​ISO Standard Cylinders

Metric interchangeable cylinders that include ISO 15552, ISO 6432 and ISO 21287


CNOMO Cylinders

Double acting Tie-rod cylinders conforming to the CNOMO standard


Rodless, Slide & Rotary cylinders

Large selection of slide, rodless and rotary cylinder products for cost-effective solutions

Cylinder Accessories

A comprehensive range of ISO 15552 and ISO 21287 standardised mountings & accessories