Customer Success Story

Actuator Pressure Control on an Ultrasonic Welding Application

Customer Success Story - Ultrasonic Welding Application

Sentronic Plus

Ultrasonic welding application, for the welding of medical equipment. 

In order to make the manufacturing and assembly of his product easier the customer required one product that was able to meet the needs of all the potential machine variations, as well as having a small footprint to reduce the overall machine size.  The application requires a proportional valve with a high flow rate and exceptionally good repeatability. In addition, variable conditions, such as different length of pipes between the control unit and actuator (ranging from 0.3 – 15 metres), and different sizes of pneumatic actuator meant that the valve needed to be adjustable.  

Emerson offered an ASCO Sentronic Plus proportional valve to control the pressure in the actuator. Firstly, to bring the ultrasonic horn (sonotrode) to the work piece quickly and smoothly Secondly, to adjust the right force for the welding process. The Sentronic Plus can be easily configured using the Data Acquisition Softaware (DAS), enabling the customer to adjust the settings of the valve to meet the needs of their application. 

Standardisation was made easier and the customer saved on costs, as they only had to use one valve for the various conditions of their application. They could easily adjust the settings of the proportional valve by using the DAS Software on their PC. Additionally, the Sentronic Plus enabled their ultrasonic welding application to be more precise and have a high dynamic performance.

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