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Rain Harvesting Equipment

Customer Success Story - Rain Harvesting Equipment

Residential rain harvesting equipment.

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A manufacturer of residential rain harvesting equipment lost its supply of shutoff valves when its vendor no longer produced an NSF-rated composite valve. This valve shut off the water supply when the equipment´s filtration needed to be serviced. If a replacement valve couldn´t be found, the manufacturer was faced with a redesign of the shut-off system.

ASCO responded quickly to the customer´s needs by providing samples of its Series 212 NSF-rated composite valve. The valve´s size and flow rate were an exact match to the existing specifications. This enabled the customer to implement the ASCO solution with minimal changes to the system´s design and without disrupting production. In addition, the Series 212 unique FasN™ universal connection system allowed the manufacturer to provide additional value to its customers. The FasN system enables quick, reliable, and secure connections for turn-and-lock, NPT thread, and solvent bond fittings - offering exceptional flexibility in customers fittings, tubing, and piping. The ASCO valves are performing flawlessly and the customer is standardising on Series 212 products.


  • Minimised customer equipment redesign
  • Avoided production line disruption
  • Added OEM competitive advantage with universal valve connection system

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