Customer Success Story

Process valve control in low temperature environment

Customer Success Story - Process valve control in low temperature environment

The solenoid valves are used to control the operation of process valves at an on shore LPG facility located near the arctic circle.
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The extremely low temperatures on site can have a negative effect on the operation of actuator controls.  To ensure the valves operate when required the customer was looking for a solenoid valve that was rated for a temperature of -60 deg C. It was also important that the solenoid valves could be tested on site to ensure they would function when required.

ASCO supplied solenoid valves in a cabinet. The 327 series direct acting valves are suitable for use in temperatures as low as -60°C, and are available with ATEX, CUTR and IECEx certification. The cabinet included functionality that enabled the solenoid valve operation to be verified on site.


  • Reduced costs because the cabinet did not need to include heating elements.

  • Reduced installation time and costs as the cabinet was provided as a turnkey solution.

  • Peace of mind because the in-situ validation meant that the user could be assured the valves would operate when required.

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As well as providing solenoid valves suitable for low temperature we also offer filter regulators in stainless steel and aluminium.

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