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Pneumatic Control Systems

Customer Success Story - Pneumatic Control Systems

Pneumatic control system wiring within a Utility Power Plant.

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A large utility company was facing maintenance problems with 40-year-old pneumatic control system wiring in one of its power plants. In the antiquated system, the valves were individually wired and did not use manifold mounts. It was becoming increasingly difficult to troubleshoot and diagnose the causes of problems that frequently arose. For example, technicians performed continuity testing on wire sections with a test light. When they could not find the problem, all new wiring was installed at significantly higher cost. With more than 12 valves in each of six panels, the situation created a maintenance nightmare. The customer decided to upgrade the control system with best available technology.

ASCO proposed the ASCO Numatics G3 electronic fieldbus valve island to solve the utility’s maintenance issues and wiring complexity. By transitioning the wiring system to a modular I/O solution with SPEEDCON quick connection technology, the G3 platform simplified troubleshooting, cut labour and material costs, and reduced system downtime that was disrupting workflow. The company was impressed with the G3’s on-board diagnostics, graphic display, and ease of operation. The utility was so pleased with the G3 solution’s performance, it installed the valve island in other plant locations.


  • Simplified wiring troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Cut maintenance labour hours and costs
  • Reduced equipment downtime and workflow disruption

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