Customer Success Story

Leak Test Analysers

Customer Success Story - Leak Test Analysers

Leak-testing analysers within a plastic bottle manufacturing company.

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A leading container manufacturer produces almost 1.6 billion plastic containers a year for a major coffee brand. The valves in the company’s leak-testing analysers could not withstand the 10-million cycles per month operating rate and were being replaced every 2 months. The abnormally high replacement rate, plus associated downtime, were driving up cost and disrupting production schedules. The company started searching for a new valve that could withstand the rigors of the production environment.

Having worked successfully together in the past, the container manufacturer asked ASCO to test a 3 way direct acting solenoid valve in the leak analyser system. The new valves yielded more than three times the operating life (9 months) than the original equipment (OE) valves. The customer was so pleased with the test results that it replaced all of the OE valves with the ASCO product. After 15 months in operation, the ASCO valves were still working, a testament to their durability. The customer is now replacing OE products with ASCO valves on other production systems.


  • Cut maintenance and valve replacement costs
  • Dramatically reduced down time
  • Achieved better production quality and workflow

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