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Fluid Automation Solutions for Dental Chair Application

Combined drilling and suction valve


Application Valve for Dentists drill

The control of the water supply used to cool the dentists drill and suction to take away the waste material.


The valve supplies water to cool the dentists drill and to wash away any blood and dental matter.  The water and waste can build in the mouth meaning that some form of suction must be used to extract it.  There is a legal and industry requirement to totally separate the water inlet from the waste material.  This normally requires two valves, one to supply the water and one to control the suction.  The manufacture of the dental chair was looking for a means of combining the two functions into one to save space.


Our designers worked with the customer to develop an engineered solution that combined the water supply and back suction control valves onto one manifold.  The special manifold unit incorporates both functions into one, while ensuring total separation to prevent the returning water from mixing with the clean.  The back-suction part of the valve was designed to cope with the drilling waste which could block any small orifices and collect in any cavities.


Because the supplied manifold combines two valve functions into one it is compact in size and makes installation and assembly easier.

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