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Actuation control within an offshore environment

Customer Success Story - Actuation Control

An oil and gas exploration and production company located offshore in the North of the United Kingdom needed to upgrade actuation controls as part of an extensive overhaul.
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The customer wanted to standardise on actuation controls to make it easier for their maintenance staff over the lifetime of the plant.  They also wanted to minimise the risk of future unplanned shutdowns.  As a result they needed a supplier that had a full range of products and solutions that were proven in use on offshore applications.

ASCO offered the customer a bespoke 1/4" Actuator Control System, featuring a compact range of standard explosion proof systems for the control of actuators on process valves. The range comprises an explosion proof Ex d, 3/2-way  direct acting, universal, stainless steel 327 series solenoid valve and a full 316L stainless steel Ex c Filter regulator. All internal metal parts are also in stainless steel, and elastomers in Viton. This ACS system addresses the growing demand for manifold systems, especially in applications where corrosive atmospheres are present.

The components are connected by means of a versatile, leak tight coupling system and mounted on a vibration resistant and shock proof stainless steel base plate. The modular system eliminates complex arrangements using panels, pipes and additional fittings and is pre-assembled ready for use. The system is quick and easy to install and maintain, offering significant savings in the total installed cost.

Standardisation has reduced unnecessary and costly complexity to the customers’ business. Bespoke Actuator Control System mounts directly onto the actuator, which saves space, weight, and reduces installation costs. In addition, the circuit offers an optimised flow path while the integrity is improved as there are less fittings. The piping has reduced the number of potential leak points.

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