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ASCO Micro-Miniature Solenoid Valves

ASCO Miniature Valve products include a complete line of general service, isolation, pinch, proportional valves & manifold assemblies


​ASCO miniature valves are used for the precise and reliable control of liquids and gases in medical equipment, analytical instrumentation, and industrial applications.

ASCO Miniature Valve Products are assembled and 100% factory tested in an ISO Class 8 equivalent cleanroom.

In addition to our comprehensive catalogue product offering, ASCO has the ability to create customized assemblies. Whether you need a minor modification of a catalogue product or a complete flow control solution, ASCO's trained sales and engineering teams are ready to assist.

Miniature valves


ASCO Miniature General Service

Non-Isolation Valves
ASCO General Service Valves control the flow of neutral gases. They are known for their long life and fast response time. ASCO General Services Valves are available in multiple mounting configurations.

General Service Miniature Applications Include:

- Blood Pressure Monitoring (non-invasive)
- Oxygen Concentrators
- Dental Equipment
- Air Monitoring Instruments
- Pharmaceutical
- Textile Equipment

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ASCO Isolation Valves

Isolation Valves
ASCO Isolation Valves control the flow of neutral and aggressive fluids. They key design characteristic of an isolation valve is to isolate the fluid from the solenoid, which is crucial for applications requiring high fluid purity and low dead volume.

Isolation Valve Applications Include:

- Medical Diagnostics
- Mass Spectrometry
- HPLC Analysers
- Clinical Sterilizers
- Pipette Dispensing
- Haematology Analysers
- DNA Sequencing

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ASCO Pinch Valves

​Pinch Valves
ASCO Pinch Valves provide the ability to control the flow of a fluid through an uninterrupted flow path. The fluid stays in its original supply tube and is controlled by the opening and closing "pinch" of the valve. Because the fluid never leaves the supply tube there is zero dead volume and no cross-contamination risk.

Pinch Valve Application examples include:

- Drug Dispensing
- Food & Beverage Dispensing
- Urinary Collection Systems
- Dialysis Equipment
- Intravenous (IV) Systems

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ASCO Proportional Valves

Proportional Valves
ASCO Proportional Valves control the flow of neutral fluids. By varying the input current you can precisely adjust the valve's flow rate. This eliminates the need for a variable flow system to contain multiple valves with different flow rates.

Proportional Valve Application examples include:

- Anaesthesia Equipment
- Blood Pressure Monitoring (non-invasive)
- Endoscopy Equipment
- Gas Chromatography
- Respirators
- Ventilators

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Customised Solutions
ASCO combines these products to create customised multi-function modules for use, e.g., in dental technology, microbiology, anaesthetics and respiratory technology...​