Tyre Manufacturing

Fluid Automation Solutions for Tyre Manufacturing

​​​​​​​​​​​​As global tyre manufacturers cope with consolidation, rising raw material costs and mounting competition, they face the absolute necessity of increasing production rates while decreasing costs. So they seek superior technology to satisfy many application requirements in an ever-more-automated environment.

For decades, both tyre makers and the OEMs that supply them have trusted ASCO to provide highly reliable, robust products that exceed the demands of their applications. With a broad range of air preparation and filtration products; from advanced G3 fieldbus electronic valve manifolds to proportional and process control valve technology ASCO provides solutions.

In tyre building, our directional control valves provide reliable, repeatable performance, cycle after cycle while our patented ASCO Numatics G3 fieldbus electronics with graphic display offer the industry easy commissioning, visual status and diagnostics. On the curing press, our steam valves furnish superior durability that stands up to the tyre industry's challenging conditions; our unique proportional valves can be easily tuned on site or pre-set at our factory to your exact requirements, saving weeks of development and start-up time. And in the uniformity machine on the finishing process, our ISO and NFPA actuators deliver the precise linear motion and positional accuracy demanded for transfers. Depend on us in every part of the tyre plant, including Mixing Equipment, Bead Building Machines, Wire Calendars, Extruders, Fabric Calendars, Bias Cutters, Tyre Building Machines, Curing Presses, Inspection Machines and Label Applications.

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Tire Manufacturing
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