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Fluid Automation Solutions for Sampling

In applications where sterile samples from a continuous manufacturing process are required for laboratory analysis, ASCO provides a number of solutions.  A key feature of products for this application is that they must prevent the risk of introducing new contaminants to the product, process or sample.

Sterile liquid sampling systems from ASCO comprise an integral valve unit that is directly mounted to a sampling bottle. The valves can be pneumatically or manually operated, enabling samples to be taken from a continuous process either automatically or by hand, providing fast and easy sampling.  The complete sampling unit can be taken to the laboratory for analysing under sterile conditions.

Our steam sampling units cosist of a cooling coil with an integrated valve for sampling. Before taking a sample a simple sterilisation of the unit is possible. By regulating the internal cooling circuit with the integrated diaphragm valve, the operator can control the temperature of the purified steam condensate. Also the diaphragm valve allows for shutting off the cooling circuit. All process connections are designed as butt weld or clamp end in order to integrate the unit easily into the process system as per your request.

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