Press Room & Metal Stamping

Fluid Automation Solutions for Press Room & Metal Stamping

​​For automation of metal stamping operations worldwide, end users as well as machine builders and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can turn to ASCO.

Use ultra-reliable ASCO products in manufacturing segments ranging from automotive and transportation to appliances, agricultural equipment and many more. They're the components of choice in automotive metal stamping presses, de-stackers, oil re-apply stations, die bolsters, press transfer equipment and end-of-press racking units. That includes body manufacturing and assembly of the following: Stamped Parts, Doors, Deck Lids, Roof Systems, Hoods, Door Hinges and Hemmers.

Count on ASCO products for a highly diverse product offering, providing exceptional performance in products from fieldbus electronics and extended-life suction cups to valves and tubing. You also get unsurpassed savings, due to long product lives and lower maintenance costs.

In addition, our unbeatable technical support outdoes the competition in attentive customer support and speedy response. While our unmatched availability and delivery mean you get short lead times, solid supply chain support and the industry's best quick-shipment program: ASCO Express.

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Press Room & Metal Stamping
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