Commercial Laundry Equipment

Fluid Automation Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Laundries

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ASCO valves and other products are fast becoming the choice of leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for cold and hot water, steam, air, and fuel gas handling in commercial and industrial laundry equipment.

Our winning solutions help machine designers improve their competitive advantage. Now OEMs can offer their customers optimised outputs, increased throughputs, and reduced downtimes. Features such as high water flow rates help washers fill faster. Greater gas flows provide higher heat output for faster drying and cycling. Commercial and industrial laundries can improve productivity, save energy, and provide higher quality service to their customers.

Our products can be utilised in practically any part of the laundry operation. Laundry equipment leaders specify ASCO for applications at numerous stages of the process, including Washing, Pressing, Drying, Separating, Ironing and Folding.

ASCO is your single source for fluid automation solutions for laundry equipment designs. Performance, dependability, and low cost of ownership characterise our wide range of superior products.

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Commercial Laundry Equipment
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