Whitepaper - 580 Charms


​​​​​​Traditionally, the management of pneumatic systems within a distributed process system architecture have been time-consuming, expensive and confusing.  It has involved many hours of I/O mapping and the configuration of bus networks. It has also been difficult to access the diagnostics that are available in many valve islands.

What if there was a way for you to easily integrate your pneumatic systems and process control on one network?

The new ASCO Numatics CHARM node, attached to a pneumatic valve manifold, interfaces directly with the DeltaV™ CHARacterisation Module (CHARM) I/O card from Emerson, making pneumatic system integration easy.

In this whitepaper we explain how this new technology saves you substantial time and cost, while simplifying the control of valve manifolds and delivering easy and efficient diagnostics.

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580 charms cabinet