Solenoid pilot valves: 327 series 

Solenoid pilot Valve 327
The 327 series direct operated solenoid valve is a universal, valve available in multiple variations of material, power, flow and certification. Auto and Manual Reset options are available along with a range of other accessories.  The 327 series is suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as actuator piloting, compressor unloading and utilities control. Often sold with one of our extensive range of filter regulators, it is also part of a broader offering of engineered solutions that includes actuator control packages, redundant control systems and bypass panels.

The latest version of the 327 series is NACE-compliant. This makes the valve more suitable for upstream oil & gas applications, including safety systems. The 327 series is designed for safety and reliability.

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​Product overview

Suitable down to -60°C


The 327 series is available with a wide range of explosion-proof options and certification that make
it suitable for almost any situation.

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The 327 Series direct acting solenoid valve is suitable for use in temperatures as low as -60°C, making the valve an excellent solution for applications in Arctic environments.

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