ASCO 327 series solenoid valve - customer benefits


Flexible, reliable and cost-effective

Research has shown that a significant proportion of process plant failures and unplanned shutdowns are down to solenoid valve malfunction.

So why not fit valves you know you can trust?

The 327 series' robust design ensures reliable operation, while the unique seal concept prevents valve sticking.

The 327 series offers a wide range of benefits, including ASCO’s unique under pressure removable manual operator (MO), which can be removed without isolating the valve or shutting down the instrument air system.

A low power consumption helps to reduce installation costs and the SIL certification and published PFD failure rate information helps to simplify the design process, cutting engineering time.

The compact design and mounting holes of the 327 series make the device easy to assemble to the actuator. It can also be incorporated into an actuator control system to make mounting and assembly even simpler. Add to this a wide choice of explosive environment protection and it soon becomes clear that the 327 series is the ideal choice for a huge spectrum of applications.

Designed for reliability, the non-breathing design, unique seal construction and extended coil life make the 327 series solenoid valves inherently reliable.


Benefits at a glance

Reduced engineering time:

  • SIL levels with PFD failure rates make safety calculations easier

  • Engineered solutions reduce design and assembly time

  • Full range of materials, power ratings, accessories and flow rates makes standardisation easier

Lower installation and commissioning costs:

  • Low power options reduce size of power supplies and cabling

  • Removable under pressure manual operator reduces commissioning time

Improved reliability:

  • Low power increases service life

  • NACE-compliant materials cut corrosion risk

  • Removable manual operator reduces accidental trips

  • Epoxy H Class coils offer extreme long life expectancy

  • Vibration resistant

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