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Water & Wastewater

ASCO Fluid Automation Solutions for the Global Water & Wastewater Industry

​Whether it’s solenoid valves, cylinders, sensors, switches, or other fluid automation devices, trust ASCO. Our products have given ultra-reliable service in treatment plants across North America for more than 50 years. We’re a key supplier for OEMs, engineering contractors, valve assemblers, and end users seeking dependable treatment of potable water and wastewater.

In places where a single point of failure could shut down an entire operation, ASCO Numatics provides the most dependable performance and longest life, at competitive prices. For example, ASCO general purpose solenoid valves supply unequaled water seal control for sludge transfer pumps. And Numatics valve manifolds furnish clean, reliable service in filter control units for potable water purification

Apply ASCO in applications such as Air Flow, Aeration Blower Cooling, Chemicals, Reservior Pumps, Water Seals and Filters.

ASCO offers renowned reliability and performance for fluid automation in water and wastewater treatment. Ideal for new, replacement, or upgrade installations, our products are the choice of specifiers and users worldwide.

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