​New Numatics 501 Series Panel Mount Adapter Plate Saves Space Plus Eliminates Tubing and Fittings

NOVI, MICHIGAN, USA, April 23, 2015 - ASCO Numatics, the world's leading manufacturer of comprehensive fluid automation, flow control, and pneumatics solutions, has introduced the Numatics 501 Series panel mount adapter plate. The new product brings the Numatics 501 Series directional valve's high flow characteristics and compact size to pneumatic panel applications.

"The 501 Series panel mount adapter plate fulfills our customers needs for space savings, easy panel construction and assembly." said Robert W. Kemple, Jr., executive vice president, sales and marketing – Americas, ASCO Numatics. "It eliminates the need for complex tubing routing and bulkhead fittings, reduces custom machining and drilling and simplifies panel layout."

The mounting plate adapter allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users to directly connect the 501 Series valve manifold to a panel in the wall or floor of a cabinet. All panel strength, integrity and certifications are maintained. The panel mount adapter plate is ideal for applications in the process industries where directional control valves are installed in a cabinet due to environmental or packaging constraints. These applications include food and beverage, pharmaceutical and packaging machinery, plus general machine automation.

"The 501 Series valve provides the flow of a 15 mm to 20 mm valve in a compact 11 mm size, offering a distinct advantage to the OEM engineer designing panels where space is at a premium." said Kemple.

Additional customer benefits include:

  • Minimized leaks and air loss
  • Lower labor cost of assembling and installing custom tubes, fittings and connections
  • Cabinet size reduction
  • Better equipment aesthetics
  • Simplified maintenance and troubleshooting

The 501 Series has a unique shut-off configuration that allows for easy isolation (hot swapping) and replacement of a valve without disrupting operations. It comes in three sizes - for 8, 12 and 16 valves - and is available in stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

The panel mount adapter plate is available through Numatics distributors and sales representatives. For more information, contact Numatics at 1-888-NUMATICS (686-2842), by e-mail at insidesales@numatics.com, or visit www.asco.com.

About ASCO Numatics

ASCO Numatics, an Emerson company, offers comprehensive fluid automation solutions, including fluid control and fluid power products, for a wide range of industry-focused applications. The ASCO Numatics product line in North America consists of more than 50,000 valves, an extensive selection of air preparation equipment and a full line of actuation products. ASCO products include solenoid pilot valves, angle body piston valves, linear indicators, redundant control systems and pressure sensors. The Numatics line covers valve manifolds, cylinders, grippers, filters, regulators and lubricators. For more information about ASCO Numatics products, visit www.asco.com.

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Quick Facts

  • Panel mount option eliminates tubing and connections inside panel
  • Numatics 501 Series valves deliver the industry's highest flow rates per valve size
  • Pressure Shut Off Block allows individual valves to be isolated from pressure during operation
  • Numatics 501 Series Valves are compatible with both G3 Fieldbus and 580 Electronics platforms