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Medical & Life Sciences


​Analytical and clinical diagnostic instruments must fit onto increasingly crowded laboratory benchtops or into ever-tighter spaces at the point of care. ASCO offers OEMs superior fluid automation solutions that deliver precise repeatability, small internal volume, low power consumption, and exceptional life expectancy. Our solenoid-operated miniature isolation valves, pinch valves, proportional valves, and associated manifolds have delivered the low profile and high reliability so critical in analytical and clinical applications. ASCO products provide outstanding performance in instruments such as hematology and clinical chemistry analyzers, DNA sequencers, and liquid handling equipment. Our prototype laboratory team will share best practices on how to minimize contamination during manufacture and use. Then they will quickly design, assemble, and test new valves and manifolds -- to your specifications and timeline.

Pharmaceutical and biologic manufacturers require production systems that ensure rapid installation and validation, maximum productivity, and the highest uptime. That's why ASCO has become the fluid automation provider of choice for biotechnology and pharmaceutical plants worldwide. Our superior solenoid valves, air preparation equipment, and position indicators control, measure, and treat — with renowned accuracy and reliability — the flows of liquid, steam, air, and other gases in laboratory, production, and process piping. Our solutions are ideal for critical applications such as fermentation, water treatment, trituration, and levitation. Plus they're vital components in decantation, collation, filtration, centrifugation, and precipitation. Only ASCO combines innovative technology and cross-application expertise to help life science customers maximize efficiencies, optimize applications, and transform ideas into measurable outcomes.

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