Our heritage of innovation has resulted in an extensive line of ASCO products that range from two position on/off valves to entire flow control solutions designed to meet requirements of thousands of customers.



Solenoid Valves​

Pneumatic Valves


Solenoid Va​lves​

The solenoid is an electromagnetic part of a valve, comprised of a coil, coretube, core and enclosure. The ASCO RedHat brand offers the world’s largest selection of 2-way, 3-way and 4-way solenoid valves, designed to handle the most demanding fluid control applications.
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Electronically Enhanced Solenoid Valves​

The RedHat Next Generation revolutionary new power management technology sets new industry standards for reliability and power consumption. The new line of solenoid valves accepts both AC and DC voltages while improving performance. These 2-way, 3-way and 4-way solenoid valves are designed to handle most fluid control applications.
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Fuel, Gas and Oil Products

ASCO provides the broadest line of solenoid & motorized shutoff valves designed to control the flow of fuel gas, liquid propane and all grades of fuel oil used in combustion applications such as: industrial furnaces, ovens, kilns, incinerators, burners and boilers.
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Modular Gas ShutOff Valves

The new 2-way normally closed modular valve allows the combination of the 8214(200) solenoid valve with the V710(B) & AH(E) electro-hydraulic motorized valve. This compact double valve design is ideal for boilers, furnaces, ovens, kilns, heating equipment, and gas generators used in commercial and industrial applications. Optional NPT threaded flange adapters are available for ease of installation and serviceability. All valves have leading agency approvals and are available in pipe connections from 3/4’’ to 3’’.

Solenoid Valves - Solenoid operated valves handling combustion system pilot & main line fuel shutoff & control needs. These valves are available in 2-way normally closed, normally open, manual reset, and 3-way diversion. ASCO valves are available in brass, aluminum, and stainless steel. Features include junction box, pipe taps, visual indication, proof of closure, leading agency approvals, and pipe connections from 1/8” to 3”. Most valves are rated for -40ºF service for outdoor installation in frigid climates.

Motorized Valves - Electro-hydraulic motor operated valves are designed to handle your combustion system needs. These valves are available in 2-way normally closed and 3-way diversion. ASCO valves are available in bronze, aluminum, and cast iron. Features include pipe taps, visual indication, proof of closure, leading agency approvals, and pipe connections from 3/4” to 6”. Most valves are rated for -40ºF service for outdoor installation in frigid climates.
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Miniature Valves

ASCO Miniature Valve products include a complete line of general service, isolation, pinch, proportional valves, and manifold assemblies for your fluid control requirements. ASCO miniature valves are utilized for the precise and reliable control of liquids and gases in medical equipment, analytical instrumentation, and industrial applications.
ASCO Miniature Valve Products are assembled and 100% factory tested in an ISO Class 8 equivalent cleanroom.

In addition to our comprehensive catalog product offering, ASCO has the ability to create customized assemblies. Whether you need a minor modification of a catalog product or a complete flow control solution, ASCO's trained sales and engineering teams are ready to assist. Back to top.​

Navy/Marine Solenoid and Air Operated Valves

ASCO has many years of experience in supplying valves to meet the exacting standards of the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard. All of the valves listed have been approved for Grade A, Type 1 Hi-Shock requirements per MIL-S-901. The valves described are a sampling of the designs available meeting Navy specifications. For a specification recommendation on a valve to meet your exact needs, please contact, ASCO at 1-800-972-2726. Back to top.​


Nuclear Products

ASCO, the pioneer and leader in the design and development of solenoid operated valves for the nuclear industry, offers a complete line of nuclear qualified products. Our engineering experience and stringent quality standards make every ASCO valve a high quality engineered product. ASCO nuclear products are 100% inspected and functionally tested prior to shipment in order to insure that they meet the rigorous demands and high expectations of the nuclear industry. Back to top.​


Process Valve Automation

Functional Safety Solutions - ASCO solenoid pilot valves are an integral part of the final control element for any safety instrumented system (SIS) or critical application. ASCO offers 3 solenoid pilot valve solutions that are widely used in the process control industry; individual 3-way pilot valves, manual reset valves, and redundant pilot valve systems. Each of these solutions are proven in use as a pilot valve in critical applications and in safety instrumented systems. Certified pilot valves per IEC 61508 Parts 1 and 2 are rated SIL 3 capable for domestic and international markets (ATEX). ASCO understands the need to keep your process running, but also understands that the process must shut down when commanded. Back to top.​

Pneumatic Valves​

The complete line of 2, 3, and 4-way Air Piloted and Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves encompasses sizes from 10-32 to 1” and flows from 0.02 Cv thru 7.0 Cv. A variety of options and accessories are available such as Manifolding; Integrated Flow Controls, Regulators, and Tube Fittings; DIN Rail Mounting. From Poppet Valves to Spool Valves, these products are designed for years of reliable long-life. Back to top.​


Fieldbus Electronics

  • Innovative Graphic Display is used for easy commissioning, visual status & diagnostics.
  • Graphic Display for Configuration & Diagnostics
  • Highly Distributable
  • Auto Recovery Module
  • Easy, Robust Connections
  • Power connector allows output power to be removed while inputs and communication are left active.
  • IP65 / NEMA 4 Protection
Auto Recovery Module (ARM) protects configuration information during a critical failure.
Interfaces to 2002, 2005, 2012, 2035, ISO 15407-2 & ISO 5599/II Valve Series. Back to top.​


Proportional Control​

ASCO has emerged as a leader with the most complete line of Proportional Valve Products that provide fast response and consistent control of pressure and flow. Many industrial applications such as web tensioning, ultrasonic welding, positioning, fluid coating, and laser cutting demand accurate control of pressure and flow. Companies worldwide rely on ASCO for these critical applications. Back to top.​


Proportional Products

Numatics electronic proportional regulators quickly and accurately adjust output pressure in relation to an electrical control signal. Use Numatics DaS software to customize the control loop for the application on SentronicD, SentronicPLUS, SentronicHD, ServotronicDigital and Pulstronic II series. Back to top.​


Cylinders and Acutuators


Repairable Round Cylinders

Expertly engineered, these cylinders have a robust design that is more reliable than most non-repairable cylinders. This design makes them ideal for the high cycle rates found in numerous automation applications. 

NFPA Cylinders NFPA Interchangeable Cylinders

Aluminum NFPA Interchangeable cylinders that are designed and built to excel in the most demanding applications. They encompass many value-added features such as an extra long graphite filled cast iron rod bushing. Series: A, Large Bore A, EQ, ASP, S, F. Back to top.​

Non-Repairable Cylinders

Stainless steel body air cylinders that are the perfect solution for tight design budgets. These cylinders are reliable and are designed and built to maximize performance. Series: M, Hole Punch Cylinders. Back to top.​

Numatics Compact Cylinders

Designed to fit tight space requirements, the low profile design and variety of mounting options make these cylinders extremely popular. Series: CST, NB, C, Universal. Back to top.​

Numatics KG Series Cylinders    

Pneumatic cylinder line that is designed and built to excel in the most challenging valve actuator applications. Furthermore, the product line encompasses many value-added features and benefits that you expect from a Numatics cylinder. Series: KG. Back to top.​

Numatics ISO Standard Cylinders             

Metric interchangeable cylinders that include ISO 15552, ISO 6432 and ISO 21287. Series: 449, 450, 453, ISO/VDMA, ISO 6432. Back to top.​

Rodless Cylinders

A variety of rodless cylinders including guided and non-guided versions. Extruded aluminum barrel or magnetically coupled stainless. Series: NR, G, MCR Back to top.​

Specialty Cylinders

Variety of cylinders and rod locking units that are designed for various and special applications. Series: Tiny Titan, E, Reciprocator, NRL Series, ACCU Actuators, SC Series Swing Clamp​. Back to top.​



Numatics GR Series Gripper

The GR-Series has a double acting piston attached to a cross bar by a connecting rod. The linear movement of the piston is transformed into angular movement of the jaws through a double toggle link mechanism. Back to top.​

Numatics AG Series Gripper

The AG series angular gripper utilizes a double acting piston with a dual pivot system. The piston has a single center pivot that drives each gripper jaw open and closed.  Back to top.​


Numatics MPG5 Gripper

The MPG5 Series gripper is designed for pick & place of small pieces. The cutting edge design of the MPG5 allow for manifold mounting a series of MPG5’s in line without the concerns of space for fittings. Back to top.​


Numatics NRG Gripper  

The NRG series gripper offers both synchronized and compliant (non-synchronized) movement. Synchronized Motion: Two opposing pistons share a common bore. Back to top.​


Numatics PG Gripper

The PG series is low profile with true parallel motion that is generated by a pinion mechanism powered by a double acting piston. Body: Hardcoat Anodized, PTFE impregnated inside & out. Back to top.​


Numatics TJ Gripper

The TJ Series Grippers provide high grip force in a compact design. Shielded design make the TJ series ideal for machine loading and unloading. Back to top.​


Numatics PG6J80 Gripper  

The PG6J80 series 6 finger gripper design utilizes a dual acting piston to open and close gripper jaws. All six jaws are synchronized for accurate positioning. Back to top.​


Numatics WBG Series Gripper

The WBG series utilizes independent pistons to power the jaws open and closed. Jaws utilize a rack & pinion for synchronization which are in`dependent from force rods and support rods. Back to top.​

WG Series Gripper  

The WG series, (double guided wedge parallel grippers), achieves synchronous motion with a double acting piston attached via the piston shaft to a double sided wedge. Back to top.​


RPG Gripper Gripper  

The RPG series has true parallel motion that is generated by a double acting piston attached to the pinion mechanism with a linkage that is guided in the body for precise centering.


Power Clamps


UNP Series Power Clamp

The UNP Series power clamp is completely enclosed and designed to be used in harsh environments. This series conforms to NAAMS standards. Back to top.​


UB Series Power Clamp

Completely enclosed and designed to be used in harsh environments. This series offers a wishbone arm as a standard option as well as an optional integrated lever that can be used to manually open or close the clamp. Back to top.​


LSP Series Pin Clamp

Designed to both locate and clamp material. Many options are available and include: five standard pin sizes, custom pin diameters, rectangle or diamond shaped pins and custom work heights. Back to top.​


LTP Series Clamp

Utilizes a disappearing hook that offers a very low profile when the hook is retracted. In addition, the long travel of the hook provides increased engagement of the sheet metal when clamping in an oval slot. Back to top.​

Power Clamps Arms Image

Numatics offers a wide variety of power clamp arms that comply with the NAAMS Standard as well as arms that comply with European standards. Different lengths and hole patterns are available for ease of mounting and assembly. Back to top.​


Slide and Gantry


LCX Series Slide

The LCX Series linear slide combines cost-effectiveness with proven dependability. Back to top.​

PST Series Slide Table

'PST' - Precision Slide Series. The PST slide provides smooth precise linear motion with high accuracy at twice the thrust of a single bore cylinder. Back to top.​


PBS Series Power Block Slide 

The PBS series is designed for applications where space is at a minimum. It has an internally built-in air cylinder in the carriage assembly, reducing overall length. Back to top.​


SH Series Slide 

The "SH" series guided linear motion device capable of heavy loads and moderately long strokes. Body: Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum (6061-T6511) Air Cylinder: Stainless Steel Body & Rod (corrosion resistant). Back to top.​

LC Series Light Duty Slide 

Light Duty Slide - The "LC" series provides guided linear motion at a lower cost. External cylinder is mounted rigidly to the cross body which drives the tool plate. Back to top.​


B Series Compact Slide 

The "B" series design is compact and self-contained. Cylinder pistons are attached directly to each guide rod, conserving size without sacrificing output force. Back to top.​

SPS Series Small Power Slide 

The SPS series small size makes it the ideal slide for getting into those tight spaces. Back to top.​


CGT Series Compact Guide Slide 

The CGT series Compact Guide Slide is ideal where high load and force are required and minimum space is available. The piston and rod assembly being machined directly into the extruded body achieves space savings. Back to top.​


GS Series Gantry Slide 

The GS series Gantry Slide is designed to handle heavier loads and travel greater distances. The design centers around a moving carriage between two fixed tool bars. Back to top.​

Specialty Actuator Products

Air Bellows 

The Numatics Air Bellows is the Ideal pneumatic solution to shortstroke - High load cylinder/actuator applications. They are also able to provide a safe, quiet and consistant suspension system for vibrating and noisy machinery. Back to top.​

FE Series Escapements 

The FE series design uses two double acting cylinders that are cross-ported and internally sequenced for smooth functioning parts regulation. Internal back pressure cross-port design allows both rods to be retracted with the air off. Back to top.​


SC Series Swing Clamp 

The SC series Swing Clamps combine linear and rotary motions. A specially machined spline internal to the piston rod develops the combined motions. When the clamp is pressurized to extend, it moves linear, removing the clamp. Back to top.​

Rotary Actuators


Numatics R Series Rack and Pinion Style Rotary Actuator

The R Series Actuator is a heavy-duty rack and pinion style rotary actuator that is designed to excel in the most rigid applications. The R Series includes a high torque-to-size ratio as well as accurate positioning. Back to top.​


RW Series Rotary Actuator

The RW Series Rotary Actuator design utilizes two independent piston cylinders, each piston has a crank arm attached to a crankshaft. As the piston strokes in its bore, the crankshaft rotates, pressurizing the opposite bore reverses rotation. This unique design has many features and benefits over conventional rotary actuators. Back to top.​


RM Series Rotary Manifold

The RM Series Rotary Manifold utilizes a unique concept in transferring air pressure thru fixed ports to rotating parts on the rotary platform. As shown, the rotary manifold and gripper is a clean compact assembly which allows the gripper to rotate freely without rotating air lines. Back to top.​


LR Series Rotary Actuator

The LR Series rotary actuator is a low profile rack and pinion design. Two independent pistons drive their corresponding racks against the pinion thereby rotating the platform. Back to top.​


AR Series Rotary Actuator

The torque rack on the AR Series produces the rotary output torque while the control rack determines rotary stroke. The output shaft is supported by two angular contact bearings. The NuMate™ mounting feature provides a convenient method of mounting the AR-Rotaries to the SH-Series linear slide. Back to top.​


Disposable In-Line Filters

Numatics offers a broad range of miniature plastic and metal filter products. Element grades include coalescing, particulate, HEPA, ULPA, activated carbon and silica gel. Disposable filters are used in applications that include but are not limited to medical, pharmaceutical, instrumentation, gas sampling and intake filters. Back to top.​

Numatics FRL - Air Preparation Products​

Modular Air Preparation Product Line 652 Series

The 652 Series offers a complete range of modular, easy-to-assemble air preparation products. It includes several filtration options with an extensive selection of bowl types and drains. Extended temperature range capabilities allow the 652 series to be specified across a broad range of applications and industries. Our regulators and filter-regulators provide customers with the highest in-class flows in the industry. Back to top.​


FlexiBlok Modular FRL 14/22/32/42 Series

Numatics Modular FlexiBlok FRL products are available in port sizes from 1/8 inch to 1 inch with flow rates from 30 to 300 scfm. The Flexiblok product line include particulate and coalescing filters and filter/regulator combinations, regulators, lubricators, manual shut-off valves, solenoid soft start and quick exhaust valves, diverter blocks, and other circuitry accessories. Back to top.​​​


Miniature FRL 12 Series

The Numatics Miniature FRL 12 Series is perfect for applications needing clean air in a limited space. The black anodized bodies are made from light weight aluminum and are durable enough to be used in almost any application. Back to top.​

Stainless Steel FRL 70/72 Series 

Numatics Stainless Steel FRL line includes Filters, Regulators, Lubricators and Filter-Regulators. Back to top.​

Numatics Delta 901 Series Premium Filters

Premium filtration for high flows with many new features and a complete line of accessories. Back to top.​

Numatics Lockout and Shut off valves

Numatics lockout and shut off valves prevent unauthorized pressurization of an air system during service or maintenance. Back to top.​


High Flow FRL 50 Series

High flow capacity FRL line - Filters, Regulators and Lubricators. Back to top.​

Numatics ADL Series

Free water, water aerosols, and water vapor raise havoc on a compressed air system. The ADL Series Drip Leg in combination with coalescing filtration delivers an excellent but economical package Back to top.​

Numatics Proportional and Precision Instrumentation 80 Series

Numatics 80 series precision regulators are available for instrument or industrial applications requiring very accurate, repeatable control of the downstream pressure. The Electro-pneumatic transducers convert an analog input signal to a proportional pneumatic output.  Back to top.​

280 Series Digital Pressure/Vacuum Sensors

Numatics DPS / DVS 280 series digital sensors can be used as a digital pressure / vacuum gauge for accurate visual display of the current value. They can also be used as a controls device. Back to top.​

Accessories - In-Fittings, Flow Controls, and Mufflers

Numatics accessories include nickel plated brass and composite fittings, flow controls (in port & in -ine), pilot operated checks, quick exhaust valves, mufflers, speed control mufflers, breather vents, check valves, and tubing. Back to top.​

FRL Accessories- Pressure Switches, Gauges, and Options

Numatics FRL accessories includes mechanical pressure switches, regulator gauges, FRL brackets, and accessories to improve the performance and ease of use of your Numatics Flexiblok FRL products. Back to top.​


Numatics Vacuum Products

The Numatics vacuum product line provides customers with a comprehensive range of vacuum components for all types of markets and applications. The Numatics product range includes a large selection of vacuum generators (ejectors/venturis, electric vacuum pumps), suction cups, large area grippers, specialty grippers, mounting elements spring plungers, sensors/switches/regulators, filters, and various accessories. Key product features include air saving technologies on the vacuum generators, extended life materials for suction cups, including FDA grade materials for food and beverage applications. Back to top.​


Accessory Products


280 Series Digital Pressure/Vacuum Sensors

Numatics DPS / DVS 280 series digital sensors can be used as a digital pressure / vacuum gauge for accurate visual display of the current value. It can also be used as a controls device designed for applications requiring extremely accurate measurement of a specific value, then generating a digital input to the PLC or controls system. The large LCD display is easy to view. It changes color indicating the set point is achieved, causing the digital output to change state. Other features include quick response ( 2.5 ms or less), repeatable to ± 0.2 % of full scale ± 1 digit, raised set buttons for simple intuitive programming of the hysteresis or window comparator modes of operation. Back to top.​

Fittings, flow control, mufflers

Other accessories include NPTF/inch tube fittings, metric fittings, quick exhaust valves, shuttle valves, metering valves, check valves, air silencers (mufflers), inline and right angle flow controls, and assorted brass fittings. Numatics also offers nylon, polyethylene and polyurethane tubing and accessories.  Back to top.​


FRL Accessories & Options 

Items including lockout locks, gauges, drains, bowls, and other products to improve the performance and ease of use of your Numatics air preparation products​. Back to top.​

Global Series Cylinder Switc​hes 

In an effort to ensure we are offering our customer the most innovative electronic sensors we proudly offer our Global Series switch product line. These high quality switches entail a multitude of performance advantages.​ Back to top.​