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ISO and VDMA Cylinders and Actuators

Metric interchangeable cylinders that include ISO 15552, ISO 6432 and ISO 21287.

​​​Some of our available ISO standard cylinders are:

  • ISO/VDMA Series: The ISO VDMA Series is an aluminium body air cylinder line that is designed to meet all your international cylinder requirements.
  • ISO 21287 449 Series: Compact ISO 21287 range, specially designed to fit in a reduced space. Long lasting and reliability guaranteed by using the proven technology already equipped in Numatics Cylinders.
  • ISO 15552 450 Series: "Tie-rod" ISO 15552 Cylinder from bore size 32 to 100 mm, offers an extensive range of accessories, allowing easy installation for virtually every application.
  • ISO 15552 453 Series: The "modern looking" ISO 15552 Cylinder has one clean side with no retention areas. This new and improved profile tube design has no tie rods, resulting in a lighter, more esthetic solution to fit in the most exigent applications.

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