​​​​​​​​​Fluid Automation Solutions for the Analytical and Medical Markets
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ASCO has been setting the standards in valves for analytical and medical technology for over 20 years. The valves and assemblies developed for this purpose are especially suited to gas and fluid handling applications in the fields of medicine, biomedicine and industrial analytics.

The specialist engineers at ASCO possess detailed knowledge of this sector to enable them to meet your application needs.

Medical Technology

Medical technologies includes apparatus and processes in which the valves will come partially or directly into contact with fluids introduced into or taken from patients. e.g. the handling of medical gases in respirators or the handling of liquids in dialysis.
This field of application requires the use of inert materials, a low dead volume, low power consumption as well as easy-to-flush internals or system cavities.
Medical product laws require compliance with applicable legal requirements. Many applications require a hermetic separation between the fluid (liquid or gas) and the internal parts of the valves.

Analytical Technology

Analytical technologies include apparatus used in medical, scientific or industrial laboratories for analysing gasses or liquids.The valves in these machines and processes do not come into direct contact with a patient, they are mainly designed to handle aggressive gases and liquids instead. Analytical applications require resistance to aggressive fluids (inert valves), a low dead volume and an easy-to-flush design. To reduce heat transfer into the fluid, valves with a low power consumption are often specified.