Pneumatic linear actuators, specials and solutions

Experts in the field of actuation.

​At Emerson we have the products the knowledge and most importantly the reputation as an expert in the field of actuation using pneumatic linear actuators. Whether you are looking for a simple "on/off" pneumatic actuator and solenoid valve assembly, or a fully engineered linear actuator position system including Emergency Shutdown with control panels.

By working with Emerson and handing over the design and engineering of your pneumatic actuation systems you can be confident that we will supply you with a fully assembled, tested and certified solution that meets all of your needs and requirements – without the cost and complexities of designing and building it yourself.


  • Frees up valuable resources to enable you to meet your deadlines.

  • Removes the design & engineering time compared to a traditional solution.

  • Up to 30% savings in costs through engineering, sourcing and installation.

  • A fully tested and certified solution ready to install.

  • You benefit from ASCO's broad range of products, knowledge and industry expertise.

If you would like to discuss your application with one of our experts, please do not hesitate to contact our local ASCO sales office.