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Analytical Applications                                                                                              

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The valves are used as pilot valves to control, via diaphragms, the handling of fluids in a DNA synthesizer.

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The valves are used for supplying and dosing samples in the process.

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Gas Chromatography

The valves are used for supplying and dosing samples in the process.

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Emission Analysis

The battery-operated valves open and close the channel feeding the gases to the analysers..

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Pipette Dispensing

The valves are used for supplying and dispensing volumes to and from pipettes. The aim is to supply/dispense equal volumes at regular intervals, over a number of individual pipettes.

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The valves are used for the delivery of sample solution, marker and fluid sheath in the analytical process.

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Special Solutions / Valve Block for Protein Synthesis

The use of high-quality materials and precise manufacturing techniques ensures that the block, consisting of series 067 fluid isolation valves, meets the requirements of modern analytical technology. All connecting channels are integrated in the PMMA block.

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Special Solutions / Pilot Valve Block for Analytical Technology


The complete system serves to pilot other valves in analytical applications. The use of piezo technology valves reduces power consumption and provides a long service life.

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Mass Flow Controller

The valve is used for the precise proportional control of flow in connection with a signal from a the sensor.

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The valves control the supply and dosing of blood in the analytical process.